New Year Resolutions – Take a Stand For Your Resolution

2017 – Another New Year is here. And, I guess every individual is ready to make a new resolution for this year. However, I want to know if you have improved your life in 2016 or not? Are you a better human than before? In short, I just want to know if you are with your life or not?

So, here in this write up, I want to provide you the options for New Year resolutions. You can opt one option as your resolution for the coming year. But, do not forget to implement it effectively in your personal life. Also, I will guarantee you that you would be able to develop your quality of life after executing these resolutions.

New Year


List of New Year Resolutions

New Year


Get fun without drink

Approximately, 80% of the people think that, they can enjoy and do the fun after drinking. Nonetheless, I want to question them, “Do you really think that you need beer, whisky or rum to cheer, to enjoy and to have fun?” If yes, then go and drink the whole day. At least, you will enjoy the day. If your answer is no, then have fun without drinks.
Enjoying the life without drinking is very easy, because you do not need to take stress to earn extra money for the beer, whisky or rum.

Talk without a Cell phone

Can you talk on cell phones? 100% of the people will say yes to this question. So, you can share your feelings and emotions through the eyes on the cell phone?… Your answer is yes? Ask yourself this question for at least 1000 times in a day…. Because only God can save you.
Any person can talk with a cell phone. However, if you truly want to share your feelings with your loved ones, then go and talk to them without a cellphone. It would be a unique thing, you will be doing for them.

Dream without Drugs

We all want a life, where we can be with our true self… where we can live our life, the way we want to live. Should we start taking drugs, to live with our self? I don’t want to write any justification for the same. Discover it by yourself, because this is your life
This world belongs to you… you can live here by choice… you can sleep… walk…  drive… you can do anything… you can dream too… choice is yours

Smile without Selfies

Say cheese. You need to say cheese, just to show that you are smiling. Guys and girls, do not smile, if you don’t feel like smiling. Because that is totally fine.
You know… your life takes your selfie every second. Take everything as a surprise… so that you can give your perfect shot

New Year


Love without conditions

What is your hobby? Singing, dancing, playing, driving, travelling and so on. Do the singing, dancing and so on set any condition in front of you? I guess no. Consequently, why to put any condition in love???
Love is an energy that need a flow…. Let it flow

I wish a very Happy New Year to all my readers (friends). May you accomplish any one resolution this year and make your life better.

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