Don’t Try… Do it your way…!

Death is obligatory to escape from life… you certainly can’t escape it alive anyhow

Crying is obligatory to laugh hilariously… you might not know the value of laugh

Darkness is obligatory to gaze stars… there is a difference in the artificial stars and the start which shines in darkness only

Heart is obligatory to listen the rain… the voice of the water reflects our heart

Feeling is obligatory to get warm while thinking about the one person you love… it is the best feeling


The best feeling…. if you are truly and genuinely alive you feel life

Missing someone means someone thinking about you….

Dreams lead us to the person who meant to stay in our life…

Try to skip your work and feel the happiness of doing the same… because that is life


Just lie on the ground … and stare into the clouds above…. And feel yourself there you are … seeing the world

Do stupid things because no one is watching you….. it shouldn’t bother you anyway

Complete the tasks which you started a long time ago… it would motivate you


Remember smiling doesn’t mean you are happy… it simply means you are trying to be happy

Crying while laughing is the time when you are actually happy…! as you are not trying to cry wink


Courtesy: Yug

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