Unlimited ways!

This time is not the same as earlier… the people I’m meeting today are new to me …. still I feel that I know them… I’m not even searching for a factor of trust in them

I still remember my past days …. Not even trying to cover up those days… as I know covering up won’t lead me anywhere

Finally trying to move on …. Not because I’m tired … but because I want to treasure the memories… the true and real memories

I’m moving on because I realized that few things are not meant to be ours…. not only things … but also memories… moments… and many more not everything is meant for us

Don’t know who will be staying with me… who gonna hold me… but still I feel that someone for sure would be there for me whenever I will be all alone

I became strong… but that was not true … as I was pretending… that pretending made me weak… the truth is nothing can make you strong… but your level of weakness can make you strong…


Practicality says that everything is in focus … in our vision … but to see the solutions and the true things we don’t need a clear vision but a clear mind with clear and logical thoughts. to cook delicious food, we can try lots of ways and ingredients

“So why not to try lots of ways to see what are the things we are left with”


Courtesy: Yug

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