Don’t let me Die…!

Going through the darkest nights of life
Feeling a pain inside my heart
And there is no end this pain is killing me
I’m dying everyday…
Why you are killing me…??
I need freedom… I want to run not by your choice
Wanna free from this eternal pain…!

By seeing myself in the mirror, I realized I’m not alive
These people around me… Yes, my loved ones
They have buried my dreams… they buried me
The dreams… I never lived for my own dreams

I can’t think, I can’t eat,
I can’t sleep, I can’t awake,
I can’t smile, I can’t cry,
I can’t breathe, I can’t live…!

I’m not functioning properly
I’m not fulfilling your expectations
I’m not giving my best
I’m not here… I’m lost…!

I’m wasting time… to make you happy
I’m wasting energy… to make you smile
I’m compromising … to live for you
I’m sacrificing…not to let you down

I’m afraid that I’ll stutter
I’m afraid to live now…
Sorry, for not being a good son/daughter…!

That’s how someone feels before resigning …resigning from life
Give it a thought … Do someone really want to die??? I don’t think you would be saying yes
When you think of killing yourself… then it is not because you don’t want to live… it is because you want to stop the pain… the eternal pain
Why we expect more and more … that to from our own life… can’t we save them?? Can’t we stop expecting… and be happy for whatever the child is doing?? Can’t we do this much only for them?? Can’t we free them from this cage?? The cage you have made for them
Always remember and save it in your mind that everything affects everything…
Save your child from dark night…before it’s too late…!

Courtesy: Yug

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