Enjoy the coming Year

Wind-up your work… as its 31st December 2015…!

Just Wind-up everything you are occupied with…

No matter you completed it or not…!

Few hours and you would be beginning a new life… yeah that’s true

A life which is not yet engraved… engraved by anyone

So you are the biographer of this new section of your life…!

Before writing anything … don’t give a thought… second thought obviously

As second thought would be stopping you from not performing your role…!

And someone else would be doing that ….instead of you

And you will be left with regret only… * yeah that’s right i.e. regret*

The secret of those lives … is that they never focused on the second thought … they were never left with the option of regret… then why YOU??? All right don’t think about it

It is a second thought… we should not talk about it now

Life is unfair my friend… it would be showing you all the things… things you never wanted to see

But that’s okay… ab aankhein to band ni karoge na marne se phle… to sab kuch dekhne ke liye ready raho….

That’s okay in only one case… i.e. if you are learning from it …. From all the things that would be happening in life…!  dekh ke jo seekhta hai wahi aage badta hai… kyonki aankhein to sabke pass hoti hai 😀

trust me all these things would have a bigger impact on life

To conclude, I would definitely say few lines:

To get succeed this year… Spread your ceased wings…!

Don’t think much… sochoge to bas scohte hi rah jaoge… or phir baithke next year bhi same section likhne ka sochoge

Most important is… do the things which you never did before…. to know the concealed creativity inside you

Note: Don’t force yourself because of others … just do it your way..!


Courtesy: Yug

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