The hidden strength

They say we need courage to live…

I say we need courage to die…

When a thought shots in mind and that too is of surrendering from life… You need a lot of strength to do that… and when you prepare yourself to do that… it shows something inevitable your capabilities

Your capabilities to struggle,

Your capabilities to fight,

Your capabilities to take risk,

Your capabilities of raising voice for your dreams…

I’m making it simple now…

The thought of suicide displays your true strength… as we need a lot of courage to die… lot of strength … if you can die you can do anything in life… so why don’t you choose new road to travel instead of choosing the road which leads nowhere… Yaar ab galati se life mil hi gayi hai to kuch bada or kuch dhaansu kyo ni kar lete…. Marne ka option to humesha open rahega… to marne se phle kuch masti hi kar lo … thoda sa risk lekar kuch karoge to logon ko inspire hi karoge…. Baadme mann ni lage to first option to hai hi

So this is your strength… the courage

Do whatever you want to do… cauz my friend you can do anything … no person in this world can stop you from doing that… yaar jab tumhe koi marne se ni rok sakta to tumhe apne dreams ko pura karne ke liye kon rokega…

I think that is enough for today… cia soon

Enjoy the moment … and live this unplanned journey of life…!


Courtesy: Yug

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